Toddler Program

True, that a number of our graduating preschoolers skip the kindergarten all together and join the first grade directly, but the foundation for their success is actually laid during their time in our toddler program.

It is well established that during the first three years of life, a child’s brain absorbs more information from the environment than at any other part of his life. Yet in traditional childcare for toddlers, mindless play is the central theme and that does very little in terms of developing their minds. Similarly, formal classes and other activities that push toddlers to learn concepts before they are ready do not help their development or make them do better in school. So, we adopt an approach centered on guided independent learning. Remember, if your child is interested and involved in an activity, he is learning. Our job is to guide and provide more of these interesting activities and opportunities so they can continue to explore the world around them, have fun and at the same time continue to develop their skills around language, thinking, problem solving and self-control. Our toddler rooms are designed exactly for that purpose.

Also, in many instances, toddler room is the first experience the child has of being a member of his own “society.” At Blossomtime child care, the child is encouraged to be a functioning member of this society, leading him to a feeling of pride and dignity. Waiting one’s turn, sharing, and patience are important lessons that each child learns.

In addition, our school environment offers the tenderness, warmth and patience so essential at this age. An emphasis on the importance of a peaceful environment, with the necessary nurturing and caring, is a characteristic of our program.