I have three kids at Blossomtime and I’ve been very pleased with the experience. The facilities are top-notch. The rooms are clean, well organized, and large. I love that they have both an indoor gym to play in as well as a fenced in outdoor playground. The security at the doors with keycard entry add peace of mind as well.

I’m most impressed with the ways Blossomtime goes above and beyond to provide the kids with fun experiences. They go on field trips to museums, parks, apple orchards and other places. My kids get a kick out of riding the bus. They also put a lot of effort into things like holiday parties and annual programs and pot-luck dinners.

The staff is both friendly and experienced, and I feel like they do a great job exposing my kids to new ideas and helping them learn and prepare for Kindegarten.

Reuben Collins

We have two children at Blossomtime Montessori, a 5 year old and a 4 year old. They have been there since they were both 12 weeks old. Our oldest is entering Kindergarten this fall! Blossomtime has been like a second family to our girls. They have grown up with the staff and love going there each day. Through the Montessori program they learn so much – addition, spelling, reading, they are even learning to identify all 50 states! I have no doubt they will be extremely well prepared for Kindergarten. Blossomtime also does a great job of reinforcing manners and social interactions with other children and adults.

The school is in a great location and they have a key card entry at the front door as well as secured hallway access to the classrooms. One of our top reasons for choosing this Montessori over any others in the area was because the church they rent space from allows them to use their indoor gym. This is a great bonus during the winter so the kids aren’t cooped up in the same classroom all day. In the summer, the kids go outside 2x each day to Blossomtime’s own secure playground. They also do fun things like have sprinkler days and picnics on Thursdays in the summer months. Once they reach the pre-school rooms they take field trips to places like the Children’s Museum, the Como Zoo and Moir Park to name a few. There is so much to love about Blossomtime. Our girls will miss all the teachers when they leave for Kindergaren, but Ms. Marie, Ms. Christy and Ms. Pryanthi will always be their shining stars!

Bethany Koppin Schmoll

The staff at Blossomtime Montessori has protected, educated, cared for and assisted in the raising of our son Alexander from the time he was 2 ½ months old until he entered kindergarten this fall. Our son had a wonderful time at the school, met many friends and was well prepared for kindergarten.

The teachers provided a well rounded experience with reading, writing, counting, art singing, performing in plays and language. Upon entering school our son tested at an accelerated level for his class,…..a testament to the teachers at Blossomtime Montessori.

Kristy & Eric P

My daughter attended Blossomtime for approximately 18 months. During her time here her math, language, writing and social skills were immensely improved. Not only do I feel that she is prepared for Kindergarten, I believe she would be prepared to skip Kindergarten all together. She is tested in the 90th percentile in her Pre-K screening and I have Blossomtime to thank for providing such outstanding education instruction. Besides all the educational benefits that my daughter received, she also developed wonderful relationships with fellow students and the staff. My daughter looks forward to attending school every day and was always excited to share what her day consisted of. ……. ………. I highly recommend Blossomtime to anyone looking for a preschool.

Nissa K

We would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you provided our son and daughter over the last 5 years. During the years we have been with you at the school, we were constantly surprised at the level of learning you provided and how well you prepared them for kindergarten. Upon entering kindergarten, our children knew how to recognize and write numbers from 1-100, how to read and spell 3 letter words, basic sign language, Spanish and they were even performing basic math.

The level of care you and your staff provided was exceptional. Our children will deeply miss you, ….., …….., ……, very much and we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for our family. We will miss you very much and are grateful for how you cared and loved our kids.

Suzanne F

When I was deciding which school to choose for my twins, initially I settled for another option. But as soon as I’ve heard my good old friend telling me about how great her experience was with the Blossomtime Montessori, I was swayed!

Mark & Jane Sloan